Chapter 6 – Pg 24

Allison’s mom reveals her personal experiment! Seems like a totally normal thing to do.

I’m really happy with how her design turned out! It took a little bit to get it to be what I wanted it to be. So I figured I’d show you how it came to be!

Villan ConceptVillan Concept 2

She’s looking a bit different here!

Originally, long before I actually started writing and drawing Mush-A-Mush, the person who was in the lab and made the animal hybrids was just going to be this random guy. I knew I wanted the long animal arms but there wasn’t much else to him. It was like this for a long time until I started thinking about what I wanted to do with Allison’s mom. I knew she had left, but not where she went. But then I watched a movie with a lame mom villain who just wanted eternal youth and thought, “Man, it’d be cool to just have a female villain scientist who just wants to do cool sciency things that’s not for eternal youth or to look beautiful!”

It then clicked what I should do with Allison’s mom.

Allison's Mom Concept 2Mom concept

The first design!

Pretty similar to the final design but she kinda lacked something here. I actually kept this design for a long time. I only updated it as I started this chapter. I liked the honey badger motif and the slight unhinged look she had but thought she could be a bit more intimidating.

Mom concept final

The close to final design!

I gave her some muscles! I’ve been digging drawing more muscley women especially after watching Legend of Korra and I think it’s what she needed! I also looked at what honey badger claws look like. Honey badgers are pretty intimidating animals!

I made some slight adjustments as I drew this page, referenced a little Sarah Connor from Terminator 2, and that’s how we got to what you see in today’s page!

I hope you enjoy seeing this process as well as the page!

Have a good weekend and see ya Tuesday!