Chapter 3 – Pg 11

Finally a change of scenery!

So yeah I promised a blog post and there’s going to be one!

First off I just wanted to show you a comparison drawing of Allison and Sean in the boat from 2008!

On the water

Look at how old it is! Also look at the blatant disregard for safety! Put those life jackets on kids!

And second, Hal-Con happened a couple weekends ago and we finally got around to putting up a bunch of artwork we bought there and at many other conventions! So I figured I would let you guys see where I make the Mush-A-Mush magic happen! (And sorry for the crappy photo quality. My phone doesn’t take the best photos.)


Pretty awesome stuff right? Well I also figured I should give you guys links to all these great artists (the ones I can find) so you can go see their awesome artwork.

So in no particular order:

Faith Erin Hicks, Noreen Rana, Miriam Gibson, Andrew Power, Natasha Small, Leisl Adams, Bianca Sierckle, Tony Mitchell, Steffi, Beccy David, Carmen Cameron, Tim Carpenter, Tyson Hesse, Nina Matsumoto, and Elizabeth Sherry.

Whew! That’s a lot of talented folks! Can’t wait to get some more great artwork to put up!

Anyways I think that’s good enough! Have a great week and see ya next Tuesday!