Chapter 3 – Pg 02

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I’m going to talk a little about my trip to San Diego Comic Con. I can’t believe that was over two months ago!

I still amazed that I got to go to SDCC. Faith got invited to go down as a guest and I got to be her plus one!

So I pretty much summed up what happened on that trip in some journal comics I did when I got back and you can see them here:

San Diego Comic!


Anyways, here are just some things I wanted to point out:

-I was actually surprised that it wasn’t as crazy as I thought it would be on the show floor for the most part. Except for Saturday. That got a bit insane.

-Stan Sakai is the nicest guy. I bought some awesome original art from him and really need to get around to framing it.


-Getting to hang out with Bryan Konietzko (co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra) was not something I was expecting to do but it was awesome!

-The city of San Diego was really nice. It wasn’t too hot while we were there and I liked how the city was laid out.

-It was awesome seeing something I animated on (Teen Titans Go!) being represented there!


-There were lots of cool and amazing and awesome people there.

-Eight hours of flying is something I don’t want to do on a regular basis. My long legs were not meant to airplane seats.

-I’m super happy that Faith had an amazing time there! She really deserved to be a guest because of how awesome she is and she deserved how great of time she had! She’s pretty awesome I think! ;P

-Here’s a dumb photo of the two of us!


That’s all I think. I’m probably forgetting something but I need to head to bed! It was a super fun time!

Anyways hope you enjoy this blog post and the comic!

See you Tuesday!