Chapter 2 – Pg 18

I’m back from TCAF! And nearly over the terrible cough I picked up there!

It was a fun trip to Toronto! It’s just always nice to go up there every once in a while and just take it easy. I like seeing the crowd of TCAF and enjoy hanging at Faith’s table and seeing how popular she is! 😉

Hopefully next year I’ll be selling copies of Mush-A-Mush there which would be awesome!

I didn’t do much shopping there but I got one thing from TCAF and a couple things from around Toronto. Here are some pictures!

WP_000193 WP_000196

Not a big haul but some good stuff! Hopefully next year I’ll buy some more stuff from TCAF itself.

Anyways that’s all for now! I’ll see you on Friday with another page for certain! Hooray!