Chapter 1 – Pg 21

So I said I would have a blog post today about the inspiration and creation of Sean, so here it is!

This will be nowhere as in depth as Allison’s was just because Sean only really has one inspiration (That I’m able to think of at this time.)

So he’s mostly based on, but slightly exaggerated, one of my friends that I used to play soccer with in summer. He even has the same name (although spelled differently!) He was always gung-ho about everything, would always be willing to do what was needed for the team or whatever, and was just a pretty darn nice guy.

Also there was something slightly off about him that if you didn’t know him well you might think he’s a little crazy. But he was still an awesome guy.

So how I ended up using him as inspiration went like this: I was trying to create a new guy character and I was very specifically trying to avoid drawing a character that looked like me (cause that’s what everyone said about Travis in One of those days, which I guess they’re pretty much right about that) and I eventually came up with the design of Sean, who just kinda looked like real “Sean.” And I thought “Hey it would be cool to name him after this cool guy I knew. Then the more I worked on it the more I realized how much of his personality was getting into it as well, and that was going to work perfectly against a character like Allison. It’s kinda neat how it worked out.

Anyways if he somehow reads this thanks for being such a good inspiration. You really made Sean become a fun character.

That’s all! Have a great weekend and see you guys Tuesday!