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Welcome back everybody! Hope you all had a good week!

I didn’t lie! Today I’m doing another blog post! Yay! Whoo!

So what will I be talking about today? Why it’s going to be:

My Goals for Mush-A-Mush!

So I’m not sure if all other comic artists do this when they start a new project but I like to set myself goals to achieve or things I want to do in this comic. What’s the point of doing the comic if I’m not striving for something?

When I started One of those days my goals started off pretty basic: Update a webcomic twice a week and try to improve my art by drawing a variety of things on a consistent basis. As I worked on One of those days more and more my goals started to grow. Along with improving my art I wanted to improve my storytelling and began to have an ongoing story instead of more gag comics. I also wanted to tell a story that unique but still personal to me. I wanted to focus more on the characters and make them more like characters. If I would have been content with just doing what I was doing at the start I would be nowhere near as happy with One of those days as I am and who knows what Mush-A-Mush would be.

Even though I worked super hard on One of those days there was still some goals that I wasn’t able to meet all the way or meet at all! But when I started working on Mush-A-Mush it gave me a chance to fix these mistakes and really focus on improving in these areas. And that’s super important! You should always be trying make your next project the best thing you’ve ever done.

So here are my goals I’ve set for Mush-A-Mush:

The most important thing will always be improving my art. Even though my style may not change a whole lot I’m still working hard on improving things like my posing and my compositions. I want to be able to draw cooler angles or more funny poses. I want my pages to read well so I focus on the layout of the page. Anything I can do to improve my work.

I want to make the characters in Mush-A-Mush be distinct and have personality. One of the main problems with One of those days was sometimes the characters kinda just sounded and acted the same. Towards the end I worked really hard to make them more flesh out but I never was completely happy with it. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about who Allison and Sean are as people and how they would act and react to stuff. It’s really going to be fun to put them in situations and see what makes them who they are. Another weird problem with One of those days was the lack of parental figures. There’s nothing too wrong with not having them around, but I just had no idea where the characters where coming from. So with Mush-A-Mush I wanted to focus on how these kids interact and are influenced by their parents. You’re parents really help define who you are.

I want to give Mush-A-Mush a sense of place. The other main problem I had with One of those days was I never had a good idea of where they were. They were in high school kinda but then they graduated and then they were in houses? It was kinda weird. So that’s part of the reason why I chose to base this comic at Mush-A-Mush: to help me be able to feel like they’re in their world and not just floating around. And giving them this sense of place is also helping me improve my art because I have to really focus on making the backgrounds work.

I want to tell more unique and fun stories. I don’t want to do what I did before. I want to come up with new ideas and see where I take them. I want to be able to surprise myself with what I write. I want to write things that I would have loved when I was a teenager. I want to improve as a writer and have fun doing it!

I’m sure there’s some goals I’m forgetting cause it’s super late right now and I really sure there will be more goals as I continue to work on Mush-A-Mush. And that’s good! I say: “Bring them on!”

Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading this! Enjoy the comic and have a great weekend!