Chapter 1 – Pg 11

I promised I would have some sort of blog post today about something so I guess I should probably write something up!

Today I think I’ll talk about where the inspirations for Allison as a character came from.

Let me take you way back to the magical year of 2008:

So back then I had been working on One of those days for about 3 years at that point. I had pretty much a basic idea of where that story was going and the main point that I wanted to do with it. At the same time I was still just doing drawings and characters designs for fun in what spare time I had between the comic and my actual animation job. One day in the summer, I just wanted to draw some character mostly because I had gotten a new type of inking pen, the Pentel Brush Pen ( which I still use now on Mush-A-Mush pages,) and wanted to use some markers I had. So after a little bit I finally came up with this:









I liked her design enough so I figure I’d draw her some more. And because it was summer I came up with this:


Allison beach









At this point I’ve already started thinking of who she was as a character. And I started getting the first inspirations for her.

And that would be my sister.

It mostly just started with the fact that my sister liked wearing orange, but the more I developed Allison, the more of my sister’s tough and confident persona started seeping in. However my sister is way, WAY friendlier than Allison!

So I had started developing this character and at the same time I started thinking of some plot as well. Like I mentioned earlier I was working on One of those days and had just planned out what I wanted to do with that. So my basic thought process was that I should do the opposite of that. I mean LITERALLY the reverse of the premise of One of those days.

One of those days is about a character who has to put up with all these exciting and random things happening to her, which isn’t quite what she wanted. So I thought “What if Allison wants all these exciting things to happen to her but instead they happen to everyone else around her?” It was kinda dumb but it led to another good inspiration.

Basically this premise was kinda derived but slightly changed from an anime called “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” which I had watched around that time. Allison was very much like Haruhi herself. But eventually I realized that this premise wasn’t that great and that type of character wasn’t quite right for Allison. However there was a much better character that came to inspired Allison:






Kyon! Who happens to be one of my favourite characters of all time. I really like the way he knows everything is crazy but he still thinks it’s stupid. He doesn’t want to have to put up with it. So Allison became more like him but a bit more active in her not wanting to participate.

The last inspiration for Allison that I’ll talk about (because it’s getting late and I really want to go to bed!) is another anime character from the series Full Metal Panic:







Kaname Chidori. Basically when I had thought up Sean (which I will cover in another blog post) I had a basic idea how how I wanted their relationship to be. And then I watched Full Metal Panic which helped to completely cement what I wanted to go for. She was always opposing his ideas and was logical about situations. And she would show it would show it with wacky violence. Originally Allison was just as violent as Kaname was to Sousuke but that’s been toned down as the story has become less cartoony. But it all helped in creating Allison.

Anyways those would be what I consider the main three inspirations for Allison. I’m sure there are a bunch of others (such as Scully from the X-Files,) but I really don’t want to type any more right now!

I hope you enjoyed this! If there are any topics you would like to see me cover be sure to let me know! I’ll be happy to take a crack at it!

Anyways enjoy the comic and have a great weekend!