Chapter 1 finished! Chapter 2 news!

So with today’s update the first chapter is now completed! I hope everyone has enjoyed the comic so far and are raring to read chapter 2! But I guess you need to know when you’ll actually be able to do that!

Well that’s what I’m here for. To tell you that stuff! And I guess draw comics… but for now: information!

Anyways I’m planning on starting chapter 2 in February. I don’t have a concrete date yet but I’m hoping it will be the first Tuesday in February, which is the 5th. Basically why it will be nearly a two month wait is that I want to be able to build up another buffer of comics so I can have consistent updates when I do start updating again. The more consistent I am that happier you all will be! And that’s a win-win for all of us! I’ll be sure to update the front page with news as I get closer to February to let you know what’s happening!

Enjoy the holidays and I’ll be back in the New Year!