Chapter 6 Update! Part 2!

The wait for Mush-A-Mush’s 6th chapter is nearly over!

I’m pretty settled in Vancouver now and have been working away on pages for the last couple weeks. I feel like it’s time to set a date for when Mush-A-Mush will start up again!

September 8th!

Just two more weeks to wait! And the title?

The Laboratory of No Escape

I hope you’re excited! It’s going to be crazy!

See you in two weeks!

Chapter 6 Update!

Hey everyone!

Sorry it’s been a little while since chapter 5 ended! I’ve been busy lately! I’m going to be moving to Vancouver this week for a new job, so things have been a little hectic around here!

I’m super excited about the move and the new job! Unfortunately, it means that chapter 6 of Mush-A-Mush is going to be pushed back a bit further then originally scheduled. At the earliest I hope to have chapter 6 starting up at the beginning of September but I can’t promise that. I’ll be sure to have another update as we get closer to that date!

I hope everyone won’t mind waiting a little bit longer! Chapter 6 is going to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Chapter 5 Update

Hey guys and gals!

Sorry for another long period of silence but I finished penciling chapter 5 this weekend so I can now tell you when Mush-A-Mush will start updating again! Yay!

Chapter 5 of Mush-A-Mush will start up on February 17th! Only one week to wait!

And since I’m feeling generous I also give you a small taste of what’s coming up by telling you Chapter 5’s title:

A Tough Nut To Crack!

Hope you’re looking forward to it! It’s gonna be fun!

Chapter 4 Update!

Hey guys and gals!

Sorry about being quiet for so long! I’ve been busily working away on chapter 4 of Mush-A-Mush and can now finally tell you guys when it will return!

Chapter 4 of Mush-A-Mush will start on July 1st! Yay! Next week!

And hopefully I should have a consistent two pages a week. I pretty much have the whole chapter penciled out so I just need to do inking and colouring which should easily allow me to do two a week!

I hope you can wait another week! See ya then!

Chapter 2 Update!

Hey guys! I just wanted to give an update for when chapter 2 was going to start. I was originally planning on starting today but for various reason I’ve had to delay it a bit.

So I’ll make a promise now that chapter 2 will be starting on February 19th! Two weeks from now! I hope you’re all excited for it! And hopefully I don’t get bogged down with a bunch more work! Even if I do I will still start it! I’m that committed!

Sorry for the delay and see you in two weeks!

Chapter 1 finished! Chapter 2 news!

So with today’s update the first chapter is now completed! I hope everyone has enjoyed the comic so far and are raring to read chapter 2! But I guess you need to know when you’ll actually be able to do that!

Well that’s what I’m here for. To tell you that stuff! And I guess draw comics… but for now: information!

Anyways I’m planning on starting chapter 2 in February. I don’t have a concrete date yet but I’m hoping it will be the first Tuesday in February, which is the 5th. Basically why it will be nearly a two month wait is that I want to be able to build up another buffer of comics so I can have consistent updates when I do start updating again. The more consistent I am that happier you all will be! And that’s a win-win for all of us! I’ll be sure to update the front page with news as I get closer to February to let you know what’s happening!

Enjoy the holidays and I’ll be back in the New Year!


Hey everybody! Welcome to my new webcomic Mush-A-Mush!

I’ve been working super hard for the past couple months after finishing my last webcomic to get this thing going and to make it the best I could.

So what is Mush-A-Mush? Well here’s what I’ll tell you for now. It’s about two kids solving mysteries at Lake-Mush-A-Mush. Are these mysteries real or not? I guess you’re going to have to find out!

For the launch I have the cover and the first three pages up for you all to enjoy! Then starting this Tuesday I’ll be making regular updates every Tuesday and Friday!

Well I think that’s everything for now! I hope you all stick around and enjoy what I have to offer you as a comic artist!