Status Update!

Hey everyone! Sorry about the silence and lack of updates. My 5 second day film ended up taking up more time than I thought it would.

The good news is it’s finished now! The bad news (but good news for me) is I’m heading on vacation for the next week. I need it badly!

So what does that mean for Mush-A-Mush?

Well definitely no comics this upcoming week. But the week after for sure. I’ll try for the 27th but most likely we’ll be back on March 2nd.

Again sorry to the break!

Chapter 9 – Pg 26 & 27

Well, here we are at the end of chapter 9 with the big spooky reveal just in time for Halloween!

I’ve been waiting a long time to get to this part and I hope you’re all excited by it! Things might start getting really crazy now.

I hope you enjoyed the chapter! It was a fun one!

The next chapter hopefully will start sometime in December but like always I’ll have an update letting you know exactly when as we get closer!

See you then!


Chapter 9 – Pg 25

Sorry, I’m a day late with the page! Usual problems of being busy and needing sleep, you know how it is.

Anyways, just two pages left in the chapter! And they’ll be going up at the same time! I’m going to try to have them both done for Tuesday but that may not happen. I’ll be sure to let everyone know on Twitter when they do go up!

But trust me, you do not want to miss the end of this chapter!

Enjoy the page!

Chapter 9 – Pg 14

Guess I was able to get this page done after all!

However it’s the same deal for this Friday, if I’m too busy packing to get a comic done I’ll see you guys in September!

But for now enjoy the page!


Sorry, Mush-A-Mush will be on break until sometime in September because I’m busy packing for a move! Hope you don’t mind the wait!