Chapter 6 – Pg 22

I told you that you wouldn’t want to miss this page!

I’ve been super excited to get to this section of this chapter! We finally get to meet Allison’s mom! Some crazy stuff is going to go down.

Unfortunately, I need the time to draw all that crazy stuff and catch up, so Mush-A-Mush will be going on a short hiatus. I know it’s leaving you on a pretty big cliffhanger but it will only be for a month.

Mush-A-Mush will return January 5th!

I’m sorry, but I’m going to do this so I can make it as awesome and worth it as I can for you guys!

I hope you can wait! See ya then!


Chapter 6 – Pg 21

Something strange is definitely going on here I think!

What will Allison find around the next corner? Find out on Tuesday for a page you really don’t want to miss!

In the meantime, I figured I would show you some concept art I did of this scene from back in 2009!

Allison in the lab

2009 Allison was a lot more freaked out!

I hope you enjoy the concept art and the page! See ya Tuesday!


Chapter 6 – Pg 01

Allison going out investigating on her own! Who would have thought that would happen!

So in case you missed it and were wondering where I was, at the end of July my girlfriend and I moved across Canada and are now living in Vancouver! I’m now working at an awesome animation studio and really enjoying the work!

But man, moving is a bit of a pain.

But we manage it and now we’re pretty settled in. We have our apartment all set up and we’re exploring the neighbourhood. We’re really excited about trying out new restaurants and eventually going to local cons!

Anyways enjoy the page! See ya on Tuesday for the next page!

Chapter 6 Update! Part 2!

The wait for Mush-A-Mush’s 6th chapter is nearly over!

I’m pretty settled in Vancouver now and have been working away on pages for the last couple weeks. I feel like it’s time to set a date for when Mush-A-Mush will start up again!

September 8th!

Just two more weeks to wait! And the title?

The Laboratory of No Escape

I hope you’re excited! It’s going to be crazy!

See you in two weeks!

Chapter 6 Update!

Hey everyone!

Sorry it’s been a little while since chapter 5 ended! I’ve been busy lately! I’m going to be moving to Vancouver this week for a new job, so things have been a little hectic around here!

I’m super excited about the move and the new job! Unfortunately, it means that chapter 6 of Mush-A-Mush is going to be pushed back a bit further then originally scheduled. At the earliest I hope to have chapter 6 starting up at the beginning of September but I can’t promise that. I’ll be sure to have another update as we get closer to that date!

I hope everyone won’t mind waiting a little bit longer! Chapter 6 is going to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to share it with you!


Chapter 5 – Pg 26

Sorry for missing the update on Friday but it’s here! The last page of chapter 5! I hope you enjoyed the chapter!

And we have a mysterious stranger! Perhaps we’ll get to know more about them next chapter? All I can say now is that chapter 6 is going to be a doozy! So stay tuned for that!

Speaking of which, it’s looking right now like chapter 6 will start up sometime late July or early August. Nothing’s certain yet but I’ll update when we’re closer to it to let everyone know!

I hope everyone can contain their excitement during that wait! See ya soon!