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I was thinking about starting some special blog posts in the future. Stuff like concept art and creation of Mush-A-Mush, book/game reviews, artist inspirations,  etc. So you can definitely look forward to those in the future!

But if anyone who reads this has any suggestions for something they would like me to talk about feel free to comment and let me know!

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Allison Cove has lived at Mush-A-Mush her entire life but doesn’t think that there’s anything special about it. She seems to have a grumpy disposition about most things which includes squirrels running over her face and tourists swinging oars at her. Maybe the house next door being sold will make things better? Sean Knickle just moved to Mush-A-Mush recently and now lives next door to Allison. He’s looking forward to continuing his investigations into the weird and unknown here at this lake. With his positive attitude and new “partner” Allison, will he find the answers he’s looking for at Mush-A-Mush?
Cal Cast

Calvin Cove is Allison’s dad.

Jane Cast

Jane Knickle is Sean’s mom.


About the Comic: 

Mush-A-Mush is about two teenagers, Allison and Sean, who, through an unusual set of circumstances, start investigating mysteries where they live: Lake Mush-A-Mush.

Is Mush-A-Mush really full of weird creatures and other supernatural phenomenon? Or is it just Sean’s overactive imagination? They’ll find out soon enough!

You can learn more about the characters so far on the Cast page.

About the Author:

Tim Larade (pictured left) actually grew up in a Christmas tree lot by a lake called Lake Mush-A-Mush. As far as he knows there’s no supernatural happenings there but he could be wrong!

He took an animation course at the NSCC in Truro and now works as an animation supervisor at Titmouse Vancouver.

From 2005-2011 he worked on his first webcomic called One of those days! He learned a lot from that experience (including how to properly write and draw a comic) and is looking forward to making Mush-A-Mush a much better comic from it! He hopes you all enjoy what he’s has cooking with Mush-A-Mush and future projects!


Hey everybody! Welcome to my new webcomic Mush-A-Mush!

I’ve been working super hard for the past couple months after finishing my last webcomic to get this thing going and to make it the best I could.

So what is Mush-A-Mush? Well here’s what I’ll tell you for now. It’s about two kids solving mysteries at Lake-Mush-A-Mush. Are these mysteries real or not? I guess you’re going to have to find out!

For the launch I have the cover and the first three pages up for you all to enjoy! Then starting this Tuesday I’ll be making regular updates every Tuesday and Friday!

Well I think that’s everything for now! I hope you all stick around and enjoy what I have to offer you as a comic artist!