Comic-Con 2

San Diego Comic Con

Hey guys. Sorry there’s no new page today. But here’s a pretty dumb picture!

I thought I could get one done before we left for San Diego but between getting ready for the trip and a pitch I was super working hard on last week, I wasn’t able to get it finished.

Speaking of San Diego, I’ll just be wondering the show floor most of the time and don’t really have anywhere I need to be, so if you see me and somehow actually recognize me, come say hi. But more importantly, if you’re going to be there you should definitely check out the things my girlfriend, Faith Erin Hicks, will be at, because she’s so awesome! You can see her schedule here: Faith’s schedule!

I’m going to be down there for two weeks so there unfortunately won’t be a new Mush-A-Mush page during that time, but as soon as I get back things will be back to their regular two pages a week schedule! I hope you can wait!

And again I’m sorry! I can’t wait to be back making more comics!

Chapter 4 Update!

Hey guys and gals!

Sorry about being quiet for so long! I’ve been busily working away on chapter 4 of Mush-A-Mush and can now finally tell you guys when it will return!

Chapter 4 of Mush-A-Mush will start on July 1st! Yay! Next week!

And hopefully I should have a consistent two pages a week. I pretty much have the whole chapter penciled out so I just need to do inking and colouring which should easily allow me to do two a week!

I hope you can wait another week! See ya then!