Chapter 6 – Pg 42

And here it is, the last page of the chapter! I hope you all enjoyed it!

This chapter was a lot of work but I think it was a super fun and challenging!

I’m sure you’re wondering when the next chapter will start, right? Well right now it seems like it should be starting in early June! I hope you don’t mind the wait.

During this time I’m also going to be putting together a printed book of these first six chapters! I’m really excited about that and I’ll have some updates soon on when and where you could possibly get your hands on one!

Also, if you need something to read while waiting for the next chapter, you might want to go check out the brand new site for my old webcomic, One of those days! If you never read it before or are looking to read it again, it’s a great chance to see how much my comic skills have improved! Thanks to Lissa for the great new site design!

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Well that’s it for now! Thanks for reading the chapter! I’ll have an update in the near future to let you know more details about when the chapter will start! Until then, have a good one!

TCAF 2016

My Mush-A-Mush book is finally printed! And here’s a sneak peak of the collection. It contains the first six chapters over 200 pages of comics and it looks good!

If you’re going to be at TCAF this weekend I’ll be there selling this! So come check it out!

You can find where Faith and I will be here:


And if you want to know more about Faith’s schedule check it out here: Faith’s schedule! 

I’ll also be at VanCAF the following weekend if you’re in Vancouver!

I’m excited!